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The EACE Annual Conference is the region's premier professional development and networking event for HR/recruiting and college/university career center professionals. If you couldn't join us at EACE22, or just want to have your favorite sessions on-demand, the recording collection is now available for you! Purchase now for instant access to video recordings, presentation slides and supplemental handouts from seven 60-minute sessions and two keynotes for just $50:

"The breakout sessions were amazing.
All the presenters had new information, and I got a lot of great ideas."

"I left inspired. There were a lot of great speakers and ideas at this conference. So much to reflect on as early as the opening speaker."

"LOVED this keynote presentation. Very motivational, practical, and appreciated." [Dan Black]

"This was one of my favorite keynotes that I have ever attended. Absolutely perfect in terms of content and relevancy within our world today." [Dr. Vandyck]

EACE22 Opening Keynote Dan Black EACE22 Opening Keynote Dan Black EACE22 NACE State of the Profession
EACE22 Neurodiversity Session EACE22 Closing Keynote Dr. Vandyck EACE22 Breakout Session

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Opening Keynote: Presented Wednesday, June 22, 2022
(Sponsored by CareerShift)

Dan Black

Transformative Leadership in Early Careers

Through the use of real-world examples, Dan will discuss the attributes of being a Transformative Leader in today’s volatile and changing talent landscape. He will focus on what’s now, next and beyond for professionals involved in the development and hiring of emerging and entry level talent.

Global Leader, Talent Attraction & Acquisition, EY (Ernst & Young LLP)

As Global Talent Attraction and Acquisition Leader, Dan is responsible for EY’s global recruiting strategy, including sourcing, attracting and hiring people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Dan leads a team of recruiters around the world who are responsible for hiring talent at all levels, across all EY’s locations and lines of business. With more than 25 years of recruiting experience, he also regularly consults with EY clients on their global recruitment and employer brand strategies.

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Closing Keynote: Presented Friday, June 24, 2022

Dr. Vandyck“You’re Nothing Like I Thought You’d Be!”: Stakeholder Experiences from the Front Lines

Implicit and explicit biases can influence our thoughts, judgments, decision making, and therefore our actions within our educational roles and beyond. These biases and subsequent behaviors can impede our professional goals while negatively impacting our most important stakeholders and the very fabric of our institutions.

Utilizing real life examples, active engagement, and a hint of research, this keynote will empower attendees to a) understand the ways biases can distort perceptions and negatively impact the treatment of those we most need to reach b) identify and use strategies for disrupting and reducing biases in the workplace and c) reduce the influence and sabotage biases can have on those we serve, our work environments, and the strategic goals of our institutions.

Executive Director, Action as Empowerment

Dr. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck is founder and Executive Director of Action as Empowerment, an organization providing performance coaching, workshops, and intimate multi-day retreats to professionals who are unfulfilled with their current life trajectory and are looking to pivot and bring about specific goal-oriented changes in their lives. She is also a long-time real estate entrepreneur and has previously served as Inclusive Excellence Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, as Director of the Department of Education funded TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program at Beloit College, Director of the Future Teacher Program and Coordinator for Recruitment and Retention in the College of Education and Professional Studies at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. More on Dr. Vandyck

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Educational Session 1: Presented Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Session PhotoCreatively Manage Your Data in 60 Minutes

Imagine opening a single website to run reports on your custom employer/customer relationship management (CRM) system, event calendar, and social media marketing plan at once without the hefty CRM price tag. Your data can be shared in real-time AND budget friendly. The team at Merrimack College has transitioned from managing most of its data in Google Drive products to utilizing the Airtable platform to increase efficient data access and tracking across team members. Airtable is a fully customizable platform which "gives everyone the flexibility to create their own solution and make work flow faster (Airtable)." This session is applicable to campuses of all sizes and will align well with other career services products.

Presenter: Shannon Zelek, Assistant Director, Employer Engagement, Merrimack College

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Educational Session 2: Presented Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Session PhotoLeveraging Technology to Drive Engagement and Provide Personalized Content for Students

To meet the Center's mission to deliver comprehensive, innovative, and inclusive programs and services for all students we developed a stackable suite of technologies designed to drive engagement on a personalized level and reach as many students as possible. In this presentation we will identify the technologies used to create the stackable technology suite and show how we organize staff support around this initiative. Making sure that we were providing technologies that truly addressed the needs of our students and not promoting use of repetitive technologies that accomplish the same thing was the first step.

During the presentation participants will have an opportunity to fill out their own "technology bucket sheet" that helps to evaluate their technology stack. Once these technologies were identified, the next step was to organize our website to serve as the jumping off point for students. There are multiple technology integrations utilized within our website to assist with curating personalized content. We will discuss in detail the personalized elements included on the website, how they get into the platform, how students are made aware of them, and what happens after the students visit our website. Finally, how we utilize the Center staff to curate content and coordinate the process is key to sustaining this effort. A staff lead has been established to manage the process of professional staff and student interns curating content, and this framework and how we evaluate our efforts will be discussed during the presentation.

Presenter: Lee Hameroff, Associate Director, Operations, UConn Center for Career Development

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Educational Panel Session 3: Presented Thursday, June 23, 2022

Session PhotoBreaking Down Silos: Pathways to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Career Services Partnership

As the demographics of higher education institutions evolve, now is a critical time to discuss and learn ways to streamline DEI initiatives and programming. Organizational managers and leaders look towards long term solutions that advance equity on college campuses. In this session, you will develop knowledge and skills to strategically impact organizational culture among career centers, campus departments, and employer partnerships.


  • Erin Gabriele, Director, Center for Career and Professional Development, Cabrini University
  • Debra Kelly, Assistant Director, Cabrini University


  • Angela Campbell, Vice President of Mission, Diversity, and Student Engagement, Cabrini University
  • Kristen Reid, Assistant Vice President, United States Liability Insurance (USLI)

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Educational Session 4: Presented Thursday, June 23, 2022

Session PhotoDeveloping Strategies for Neurodiverse Students from College to Corporate

Rowan University's Autism PATH (Preparation and Achievement to Hire) Program and PSEG will provide strategies to support the hiring of neurodiverse individuals through career readiness based programming in college and the current structure of PSEG's neurodiverse hiring program. The presenters will discuss the need for more inclusive hiring and how institutions and employers can utilize a systemic approach to develop opportunities for meaningful employment, while targeting an largely untapped talent pool.


  • Angela Parrinello, University Relations Lead, Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG)
  • Chiara Latimer, Autism PATH Career Coordinator, Rowan University

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Educational Session 5: Presented Thursday, June 23, 2022

Session Photo Researching the Intersections of Identity & Career Development

UConn's Center for Career Development Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee designed and conducted a study on the impact of identity on career development among UConn students. With the recent reorganization of our Committee, inspired by the international Black Lives Matter movement, we added the term "equity" to the Committee's title with the charge to "intentionally expand resources and services that nurture equitable access to career education and advancement." Recognizing that our students continue to face new and on-going challenges, we set out to learn about our students' experiences and evaluate how well our existing services are meeting their needs. The study consisted of a survey and four focus groups with over 1,500 responses in 35 days' time. While the primary focus of the research was to identify unique career experiences facing affinity groups and the ways in which we could provide tailored support, we also explored how the intersectionality of multiple identities further affects our students' career planning and development.

This session covers: how to develop a career DEI survey; tips for securing Institutional Review Board approval; research methods and distribution strategies; key findings and takeaways; ways to move research into action; how to use research to revamp DEI programs and services


  • Tara Malone, Associate Director, Regional Campuses, UConn
  • Lisa Famularo, Assistant Director, Equity and Inclusion, UConn

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Educational Session 6: Presented Thursday, June 23, 2022

Session PhotoWhy Work? A Brief Exploration of Work, Culture, & AI

As career development and college recruiting professionals, the meaning of work is foundational to our work, but when was the last time you contemplated the nature of work, different cultural voices on its nature, and how the definition we choose impacts what we do and how we engage our students, candidates, and institutions?

In this workshop we explore these areas and equip participants with tools for more effectively interpreting and engaging in critical strategic conversations. Using a blend of individual reflection and guided roundtable discussions, we will explore the assumptions built into the conversations and decisions about topics like AI, consider how those assumptions marginalize some and can lead to unintended results for all, and equip each other with tools to raise the right questions and illuminate better courses of action in the activities that fill such a large part of our lives.

Presenter: Chris Miciek, Director, Jefferson University

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Educational Session 7: Presented Thursday, June 23, 2022
(Sponsored by Enterprise Holdings)

Session PhotoState of the Profession: Trends and Predictions

There have been significant shifts in the world of career services and early career college recruiting over the past two years, and there is no sign of it slowing down. During this session, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) leadership provides valuable insight into the career development and early career talent acquisition space by exploring the most important lessons learned and highlights from research conducted, as well as to provide the audience with what this means going forward - the trends that are emerging and predictions for what's next.


  • Shawn VanDerziel, Executive Director, National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
  • David Ong, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, MAXIMUS, Inc.

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