The EACE Mentor Network is designed to help build a more robust community amongst EACE members and to support and promote the sharing of knowledge through mentor-mentee partnerships and informal connections. This network is a great opportunity for both new and veteran EACE members to grow their networks and further develop as leaders and professionals in a simple, self-guided way.

All EACE members are welcome to join the Mentor Network by checking the box on their profile to appear in the Mentor Network Directory. You may select the types of connections you're open to, whether you're looking for a mentor, mentee, or just informal networking connections, or all of the above! Then you may begin searching the directory and reaching out to new connections! Please note: this is not a matching program and all connections through the network are self-directed. 

The EACE Mentoring Sub-Committee aims to provide additional opportunities to foster connections within EACE through events such as virtual mixers and networking events, webinars on mentoring tips, and in person events at the EACE conference. 

The EACE Mentor Network is the first step of fostering mentorship within EACE in a new, more accessible and sustainable way.

Mentors & Mentees: Prior to starting a new mentoring relationship, we suggest you take a look at the resources below for some tips and guidance to help you have a meaningful experience!

Joining the Network

Join the Network

  1. Make sure you have opted into the network from your member profile (click the above link).

  2. Complete the form fields and check the “Mentor Network Directory” box to indicate that you want to be included in the EACE Mentor Network (if not already checked) and click Submit.




Searching for a Mentor or Mentee in the Network

  1. Go to the EACE Member Directory.
  2. Scroll to the EACE Mentor Network search section of the Member Directory and select the criteria you are searching for in a mentor/mentee and click "search."

  3. A list of members fitting your search criteria will appear. Click on a member's listing to view contact information and get started building your relationship! 

Engaging in the Mentor Network

Already found a match? Share your new connection with us here to let us know if you have begun a formal mentoring relationship with someone from the EACE community, whether through the EACE Mentor Network portal, or through another EACE event or opportunity. If you have any questions or would like any additional support for your mentorship, please feel free to contact the Mentoring Sub-Committee Co-Chairs

If you are no longer accepting requests from new mentors/mentees, you can update your profile: 

  1. Log in to your profile and click "edit" in the box containing your profile information
  2. Scroll down to the mentoring options and select "Informal Connections." If you no longer want to participate in mentorship connections, you may uncheck all boxes. 


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Mentoring Sub-Committee Co-Chair.