Membership Types & Rates

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EACE's membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. 


Who? University/college employees engaged in career services of students and/or graduates.

Membership Fee:


Who? HR/staffing professionals engaged in the recruiting and hiring of higher education students or alumni.

Membership Fee: $140


Who? Representatives of organizations that provide a service to those in the college or employer categories

Membership Fee:


Who? Students must be enrolled at an accredited degree granting institution and preparing for a career in career services and/or college recruiting/relations. A student may retain this student membership status for up to one year following completion of degree requirements unless, or until, the student is eligible for another category of membership.

Membership Fee: $30

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Available to colleges, employers and associates - EACE group memberships offer the best value and convenience for your organization. One flat annual fee provides you with an UNLIMITED number of members within your group membership! College individuals from the same office, existing at the same geographical location shall be designated as eligible additional members for group membership. Employer and Associate individuals from the same company/organization, existing at the same geographical region/branch shall be designated as eligible additional members for group membership.

Membership Fee: $625

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Existing Group Members

Click here to view important information on managing your group membership including viewing/adding/removing members, downloading invoices, registering members for events and more.

Honorary Lifetime Membership

This membership category is a means of recognizing and thanking individuals who were past EACE members and/or retired members, with 10 years or more of service to EACE. These individuals also must have made significant contributions to career services or human resources/college relations. These individuals must have held significant leadership roles within EACE. Consideration for what classifies as significant leadership roles, will be determined by the current Board. Honorary Lifetime Members who return to the profession must temporarily relinquish their honorary lifetime membership status and return to full dues-paying membership status to continue their membership in EACE.

Honorary Lifetime Members are exempt from the payment of membership dues. For the Annual Conference and professional development events, a 50% discount may be offered.

To obtain honorary lifetime membership, an individual must be nominated by an active member of EACE, submit an application, and be approved for this membership type with a majority Board vote. 

Honorary Lifetime Members have the rights of full membership, with the exception of voting or serving in a leadership capacity.

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If you have any questions regarding Honorary Lifetime membership, please contact EACE Director, Membership Recruitment & Retention.