EACE 2024 Board of Directors Elections

Director, Member Services Candidate

Maureen Brown
Director of the Career Development Center
Elizabethtown College

1. Describe your interest in serving on the EACE Board in this capacity.

After serving as co-chair of the Connections Committee for three years, I am excited to run for Director of Member Services on the EACE Board of Directors. EACE has been my professional home since I started working in higher education career development, and I have served the organization since I joined the Connections Committee. I’m ready to serve the organization on a larger scale as a Board Member. My experiences leading the Connections Committee through Road Trips to the Real World, Professional Exchanges, and assisting in the recent changes to Connections programming make me an excellent fit for this role. As Co-Chair, I was lucky to work with a fantastic committee, Co-Chairs, and Board Liaisons who helped create value-added services for our members, like Professional Exchange and Road Trips to the Real World. Knowing the ins and outs of this committee makes me an excellent fit for this role. In addition to working with the Connection Committee, this role works closely with the Director of Membership Recruitment & Retention, the Director of Professional Development, and the Director of Diversity & Inclusion to lift members’ voices. One of my favorite parts about EACE is how passionate and committed our members are to the organization. It would be a privilege to lift members’ voices to the Board level to ensure that all thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are heard.

2. What skills and experiences do you possess that have prepared you to be successful in this role?

From my experience serving as Co-Chair on the Connections Committee and both current and past experiences serving various organizations (Secretary-Central Pennsylvania Employment Consortium, Fair Leader- 2021 Philadelphia Social Impact Fair, Co-Chair, Elizabethtown College Employee Wellness Team, Member- Elizabethtown College Staff Council), I believe that I would be an excellent fit for this role. All my volunteer organizational leadership has prepared me to serve a large organization like EACE. The Director of Member Services role requires someone who has a broad understanding of the needs and interests of employers and college members. My past experiences working as Assistant Director of Employer Relations and then as Associate Director of Employer Relations have prepared me to be in tune with the needs of employer partners. My career has been entirely working in higher education career services offices, which has given me a true understanding of the needs of college members. The leadership skills that I have received through my EACE leadership experience and both my past and current roles allow me to lead, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively.  All these experiences and the skills I have gained through them make me the perfect fit for this role.

3. What ideas and/or goals do you have for this position?

Given the recent changes to the Connections Committee, I believe this is an exciting time for the Connections Committee! With strong co-chairs and committee members, the options for where Connections could go are endless. Expanding Professional Exchange is just the start of a new renaissance for this committee! From my experience on the Connections Committee as a member and Co-Chair for the past few years, I believe the new format is a massive value-add to EACE membership. As Board Liaison, I would set goals around gathering input and feedback from employers and college members on their satisfaction with the new format and let the data guide our decisions as a committee on what we do next. I believe there is always room to grow as a committee, and I would let our talented group of experienced committee members and Co-Chairs guide our work as a team. Beyond working with the Connections Committee, one of my main goals as Board Liaison to the Committee would be to work closely with the Director of Membership Recruitment & Retention, the Director of Professional Development, and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion to ensure all member voices are heard. I am a strong team player who works hard to advocate for others and would use my voice on the Board to collaborate to lift membership ideas and suggestions.

4. EACE History

Years as member: 4 years

EACE Service History: Member of Connections Committee - August 2019-August 2023

Co-Chair of Connections Committee - July 2020-August 2023

EACE Presidential Citation Award - 2022 & 2023 For work with Connections Committee


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