COVID-19 Updates & Resources

EACE continues to monitor the rapidly changing situation related to the spread of COVID-19. We understand that concerns for health, safety, and the impact on event attendance, among other issues, are affecting our members. We commit to maintaining all appropriate sanitary, health, and safety measures and encourage members to follow guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. If there are any changes to EACE's event schedules, we will provide information about virtual options that may be available and/or other specific details.  

EACE prioritizes the health and safety of our members and staff. On March 23rd, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued an executive order that closes all non-essential businesses, including the EACE Headquarters Office. Gradual re-opening is currently in process.. For this reason, there may be a delay processing checks or faxed payment information. If possible, all payments should be made online via credit card. Please note, if you have already mailed a check to EACE Headquarters, there will be a delay in processing your payment at this time. Thank you for your continued support.

EACE Membership Quick Polls

In an effort to plan and develop future programs and offerings, EACE conducted two quick polls so we could hear from our members about what is important to them and what the future looks like for each of their organizations.

Career Fair Quick Poll Results

The EACE Career Fair Quick Poll was conducted from May 21-28 and had 94 respondents. This topic focused on members' plans to host or attend career fairs, either in-person or virtually.

A few notable results are below:

  • 85% of college career centers do plan to host career fairs, either virtually or in-person, in 2020 and only 2% said they are definitely not. 
  • None of the college career centers are planning to hold their career fairs in-person in 2020, 72% have already converted their events to virtual. 
  • Employers are still largely unsure of their career fair attendance plans in 2020 but would consider attending if they are held virtually. 
View the poll results broken down college vs. employer

May 2020 Quick Poll Results

The second EACE Member Quick Poll was conducted from May 12-15 with 293 total respondents. This poll was centered around membership renewal and factors that may prevent a current EACE member from renewing for 2020-2021. Here's a snapshot:

Will you be renewing your EACE membership for the July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 year?

  • 65% yes I/we plan to renew membership.
  • 6% I/we have already renewed membership.
  • 2% no I/we do not plan to renew membership
  • 27% I'm not sure at this time if I/we will be renewing membership 

What is the primary reason you are uncertain or not planning to renew EACE membership at this time? 

  • 79% budget concerns
  • 20% waiting for a decision or direction from career center directors

If you cannot renew at this time due to budget restrictions, when do you expect these restrictions to be lifted?

  • 8% anticipate budget restrictions to be lifted within 3-6 months.
  • 20% anticipate budget restrictions to be lifted within 6-9 months. 
  • 45% do not anticipate budget restrictions to be lifted until at least the July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022 year.
  • 27% are unsure when budget restrictions will be lifted. 

Which of the following member benefit(s) are you currently taking advantage of or plan to in the coming months? 

  • 69% registering for EACE20 virtual conference, August 5-6, 2020 (EACE members are free! More details are being communicated soon!)
  • 80% registering for free member webinars and/or accessing recordings archive
  • 54% utilizing COVID-19 resources
  • 52% participating in 2020 virtual Professional Exchange site visits
  • 24% signing up for committee volunteer opportunities for 2020-2021
  • 17% taking advantage of free job postings through December 31, 2020
View the poll results broken down college vs. employer

April 2020 Quick Poll Results

The first poll was conducted from April 16-April 22, and had 241 respondents. It was focused on the effects of COVID-19 and the ability of EACE members to travel, specifically in relation to the EACE20 Annual Conference. Here's a snapshot:

Which of the following are happening at your employer or institution?

  • 11% layoffs
  • 15% furloughs
  • 63% budget cuts
  • 88% travel restrictions
  • 55% professional development restrictions

When do you expect travel restrictions to be lifted?

  • 1% before July 1
  • 2% between July 2-31
  • 8% after August 1
  • 89% unsure 

Do you anticipate budget cuts or professional development restrictions will extend beyond July 31?

  • 52% yes
  • 3% no
  • 45% unsure

As far as you can tell right now with the information that you have do you intend to register for and attend EACE20 August 5-7 in Baltimore?

  • 31% yes
  • 69% no
View the poll results broken down college vs. employer

EACE20 is Moving Virtual!

In light of the current pandemic and rapidly changing situation related to the spread of COVID-19, the EACE Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel the in-person 2020 Annual Conference scheduled for August 5-7 and is currently in the process of transitioning to a virtual event. EACE Headquarters and volunteer leadership are working together to solidify details and will be updating this page further information soon.

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SoACE Employer Relations Summit Announcement

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SoACE Board of Directors made the decision to conduct their 2020 Employer Relations Summit virtually. The Summit will be held from June 24-25, 2020. All EACE members are eligible to receive the membership rate to register for the event. 

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Latest Industry Trends and News

The EACE Professionals Facebook group is your forum to connect with fellow members to share ideas, trends and industry news during these uncertain times.

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