Make the Most of Your Road Trip!

Arrive Early

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early so that you have time to collect yourself and avoid rushing in at the last minute. Review the directions to your site visit and allow extra driving time to anticipate rush-hour traffic. Timeliness is both a reflection of you, your college/university, and the EACE Road Trip program.  

Dress Appropriately

Please note that each site has its own recommendations for dress and footwear. “Business Casual” is a medium between professional and casual. Suits, jackets and ties are not necessary for business casual, but do avoid wearing jeans, tee shirts, and sneakers. If the employer lists “Business Professional” that means they expect you to wear a suit. Use your own common sense when dressing for the site visit. First impressions can lead to success. Remember to dress to impress. When in doubt, it's better to dress “too professionally” than “too casually.”  

Act Professionally

Although a site visit is not an interview, you are still expected to be on your best behavior. As a representative of your college/university, you can give employers a positive impression by showing an interest in the day’s activities and asking well-researched questions.  Avoid side-bar conversations and cell phone usage during the site visit and use the best possible etiquette. 

Bring Your Resume

Bring a few copies of your resume to this event, as it is a good opportunity to keep in touch with a potential employer for an internship or job after you graduate. Follow the lead of the employer in regards to handing out your resume.  

Check Your Email and Voicemail

You will be receiving occasional emails and phone calls from your Site Coordinator about the site visit, so be sure to check them both regularly so you do not miss any important updates.  

Cancellation Policy

Students who cancel will not receive a refund. Refunds of the $10 attendance fee will only be offered if the sponsoring organization cancels the visit. There will be no refunds for transportation expenses. In the event of an emergency, please make sure you contact the Site Coordinator 24 hours in advance, so they know you will not be attending. 

Snow Emergency

If the site is cancelled due to a snow emergency, the Coordinator of each site will contact registered students via email. You will be notified in advance about your site visit’s inclement weather policy. In the case that a site visit is cancelled, students will receive a refund. 

If you have additional questions about making the most of your site visit, contact your institution's respective Career Center.