Related Associations

National Association

EACE is independent and autonomous from the national association.

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
Canadian Association of Colleges and University Student Services (CACUSS)

Regional Associations

EACE is one of four regional associations which are independent and autonomous from each other. The four regional associations work cooperatively and collaboratively through the Regional ACE Presidents Council. Those regional associations are:

Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers (MWACE)         
Mountain Pacific Association of  Colleges and Employer (MPACE)       
Southern Association of  Colleges and Employers (SoACE)                

State Associations

Many states within the EACE region also have “Associations of Colleges and Employers.”

New Jersey Career Consortium (NJC3)                
Pennsylvania Association of  Colleges and Employers           
Virginia Association of  Colleges and Employers                        

Other Related Associations

Metropolitan New York College Career Planning Officer's Association (MNYCCPOA)