EACE Board of Directors

Who are the leaders behind EACE? They are the volunteers who are committed to elevating our industry and attracting new members to one of the strongest Regional Associations of Colleges and Employers.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Amy Drakesmith 


President-Elect *
Jill Milon



*Serving in an interim capacity eff. 1/19/24-6/30/24.

Immediate Past President
Junior Delgado

Director, Finance
Jennifer Grauso

Director, Professional Development (Career Development)
Steve Savitsky

Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Gerald Tang

Headshot of Gerald Tang

Director, Public Relations 
& Communications

Narali Taglialavore


Director, Technology &
Information Management

Philip Wilkerson III

Director, Membership Recruitment & Retention
Ashley Forsythe


Director, Member Services
Joe Santacroce


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