A Typical Year in Review for EACE Board Members

An EACE Board year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30 of the following year. Below are the tasks and commitments that can be expected during a typical board year for both executive and non-executive committee board members.

  • Board orientation and in-person board meeting (full day the day prior to the conference tentative)
  • Leadership Training (1.5-2 hours virtual)
  • 6-8 total board meetings per year (1-2 additional in person board meetings are possible in either October and/or March. The rest are conducted via 1-2 hour Zoom conference.)
  • Monthly calls with committee chairs (typically one per reporting committee)
  • Participate in e-mail correspondence
  • Work on assigned action items and projects
  • Optional monthly calls with HQ and President (Executive positions only - President, President-Elect, and Director, Finance)