Visionary with proven ability to bring tasks to completion in a volunteer environment; comprehensive understanding of the EACE mission; serve as a model for fiscal integrity and sound money management in conducting EACE business; at least five years of EACE involvement and service, including committee/taskforce leadership and previous leadership experience at the board level, preferably the EACE Board; urgency in making things happen; good public relations/speaking skills; negotiation skills; ability to function strategically with other leaders; high energy level. enthusiastic, encouraging, and inclusive manner; demonstrated ability to follow-up with others in an effective and timely manner; demonstrated commitment to diversity and multiculturalism. 

The President-Elect should gain strong support from his/her employer for this role.


  • Shall perform all duties of the president in his/her absence, disability of or at the request of the president and shall serve as president for the remainder of the term should the office become vacant.
  • Review the strategic plan, focusing on strategies, goals and objectives.
  • Shall serve as liaison to the Annual Conference Committee.
  • Shall, with the approval of the board, attend regional associations president’s council meetings at the expense of the association.
  • Shall select committee chairs for the following year, taking into consideration recommendations from board members, committee chairs and those on the board ballot who were not elected.
  • Perform such duties as assigned by the president and the board of directors.

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