Director, Professional Development


Prior experience in planning or coordinating programs/events for EACE or another professional organization; ability to identify professional development needs of diverse constituencies; ability to effectively assess professional development initiatives; knowledge of technology applications to enhance and deliver face-to-face and distance learning; enthusiastic, encouraging, and inclusive manner; proven ability to motivate volunteers and facilitate the effective completion of projects; excellent communication skills; ability to function strategically with other leaders; demonstrated ability to follow-up with others in an effective and timely manner; serve as model for fiscal integrity and sound money management in conducting EACE business; and has demonstrated commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.


  • Shall provide coordination and leadership for all Association professional development activities, including but not limited to workshops and other programs.
  • Shall serve as liaison to the Professional Development Committee.
  • Investigates technology that will enhance professional development programming.
  • Conducts membership surveys to identify new program needs.
  • Benchmarks against other professional associations.
  • Networks with leadership from other professional associations for collaborative programming.
  • Shall promote professional, ethical and legal standards.
  • Perform such duties as assigned by the President and the Board of Directors

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