Director, Finance


Serve as an advocate for EACE's fiscal integrity and sound money management; experience or interest in developing skills in budgeting and basic accounting; ability to analyze environmental conditions and propose strategies for effective response; effective interaction with other EACE personnel in the conduct of financial affairs; enthusiastic and encouraging and inclusive manner; ability to motivate volunteers and coordinate the work of others; excellent communication skills; ability to function strategically with other leaders; demonstrated ability to follow follow-up with others in an effective and timely manner; and has demonstrated commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.


  • Shall oversee EACE Headquarters personnel who has custody of the funds and securities of the association.
  • Review monthly financial statements as prepared by EACE Headquarters' financial department.
  • Work with EACE Headquarters to develop budgets.
  • Monitor EACE Headquarters’ administration of expense reimbursement process and bill payment for the association to ensure work is done accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Monitor committee expenditures.
  • Serve as conference treasurer and monitor conference committee expenditures.
  • Work with EACE Headquarters to provide needed materials for an annual tax return of the financial books of the association.
  • Serve as the liaison to the EACE Grants & Scholarships Committee.
  • Establish/review financial objectives and concerns of the association.
  • Perform such duties as assigned by the president and the board of directors.

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