EACE 2024 Board of Directors Elections

Director, Technology & Information Management Candidate

Chris Miciek
Director, Center for Career Success
Thomas Jefferson University

1. Describe your interest in serving on the EACE Board in this capacity.

My interest in serving as the Board Liaison to the Technology Committee is the same as my interest in originally joining the committee as a member in 2017, find ways to support EACE members when our work and workspaces are rapidly changing due to technology and the institutional decisions around it. Having served as co-chair since 2019 I’ve collaborated with my co-chairs and board liaisons to integrate Technology Committee activities into EACE spaces and venues. We’ve done this through partnering with other committees to support their work and to reduce redundancy in functions across committees. I want to continuing building those collaborations as a board member representing the Technology Committee so we can be a better asset to all EACE members.

2. What skills and experiences do you possess that have prepared you to be successful in this role?

From my earliest days in our field I’ve been engaged with technology impacting us and the students we work with. Whether it’s using websites and LMS’ for career content delivery, observing and teaching on the rise of social media platforms and how to leverage them, or researching and writing about the impact of automation on work I’ve put my attention on emerging tech and worked to share that with my peers. In 2002 my work developing an online career center was met with curiosity and skepticism. Twenty years and one pandemic later, we know it can be done and have numerous models of large and small offices doing remote career development work at high levels of quality. Tech is now woven into the fabric of our work. Workshops, blogs, and articles I’ve created and co-created for MWACE, NACE, and EACE show I’ve been actively involved every step of the way.

3. What ideas and/or goals do you have for this position?

The whirlwind of the past year showed us how important good technology practices and understanding are for our allied professions and the students we support. The Technology Committee charter focuses on supporting and preparing EACE members to make good use of technology. Since it’s an aspect of our work that is changing with increasing rapidity, I’ve worked as co-chair of the committee to keep our eyes on the core of our charter and increase our nimbleness and adaptability as a committee. As board liaison I’d continue to champion that work by building on partnerships with other committees, expanding utility of the online Resource Center, encouraging content creation on best practices, and setting the committee’s vision to help our association know what’s coming so we can collectively be proactive, not reactive, to the technology reshaping our work and the world of work around us.

4. EACE History

Years as member: 8 years

EACE Service History: Technology Committee Co-Chair 2019-2021,

Technology Committee Member 2017-2019,

Occasional blog posts and webinars,


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