2019-2020 Annual Conference Committee

Committee Purpose/Mission 

Develops organizes and coordinates the EACE Annual Conference. Within the conference committee, there are several sub-committees that manage functional areas of the conference:
  • Community Service
  • Entertainment
  • Exhibitors & Sponsors
  • Hospitality & Newcomers
  • Keynote & Employer Task Force
  • Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Programming
  • Publicity

2020 Annual Conference | August 5-7 | Baltimore Marriott Waterfront | Baltimore, MD

Board Liaison
Jennifer Rossi Long, EACE President-Elect
West Chester University
Annual Conference Committee Co-Chairs
Junior Delgado,
Westfield State University
Christine Falcone,
St. Joseph's University
Community Service Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
Co-Chair: Lisa Hansinger
Saint Joseph's University
Co-Chair: Tracey Hanton
Purdue University Fort Wayne
Entertainment Service Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
 Co-Chair: Scott Rappaport
St. Joseph's University
Co-Chair: Stacy McClelland
Exhibitors & Sponsors Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
Co-Chair: Bob Bullard
Rowan University
Co-Chair: Sonya Lawyer
Stevenson University
Hospitality / Newcomers Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
 Co-Chair: Gerald Tang
Baruch College
Co-Chair: Rachel Wobrak
University of Maryland
Keynote / Employer Taskforce Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
 Co-Chair: Kyle Thomas
 Co-Chair: Steve Savitsky
Northeastern University
(Diversity & Inclusion Representative)
Pre-Conference Workshop Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
 Co-Chair: Laurent Troland
Bridgewater State University
Co-Chair: Christina Butler
Villanova University
Programming Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
 Co-Chair: Joe Santacroce
Salem State University
 Co-Chair: Kristin Eicholtz
DeSales University
Committee Member Liaison: Cheresa Fewell
St. John's University
Publicity Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
Co-Chair: Amber Ridgeway
University of Delaware
Co-Chair: Mary Alice Barrows
William Paterson University
(PR & Marketing Committee Liaison)
Liaison for Sub-Committees
Junior Delgado

Programming Sub-Committee
Keynote/Employer Taskforce Sub-Committee
Hospitality/Newcomers Sub-Committee
Publicity Sub-Committee

Christine Falcone

Pre-Conference Workshop Sub-Committee
Entertainment Service Sub-Committee
Exhibitors & Sponsors Sub-Committee
Community Service Sub-Committee


  • 2 conference committee co-chairs are selected by the incoming and current President-Elect
  • Each sub-committee of the conference will have 1-2 co-chairs selected by the conference co-chairs and in place by August 14.
  • Each sub-committee may have a committee ranging from 2-8 members selected by that sub-committee chair(s).
  • One to two members diversity and inclusion (D&I) focused ensuring that D&I voices and concerns are heard and considered
  • Committee member solicitation should take place between June 1 and August 1
  • Co-chairs should make every effort to include at least 1 employer member and 1 new member (joined within the past 2 years) in the committee.
  • Co-chairs are responsible for ensuring volunteers are current members of EACE by checking the directory.

Requirements of the Committee

  • Hold meetings monthly, meetings every other week the month prior to the conference, and meetings every week the month of the conference
  • Work toward goals and report to board
  • Review web-pages related to your committee’s activities and work with HQ to make sure they are accurate throughout the year.

Click here to view complete committee charter and resources.

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