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Strategic Values

Professional Development

Definition: A range of professional development programs, workshops and conferences to educate and enhance members’ expertise on current trends and best practices in the career development and human resources professions
We will:

  • Conduct annual membership surveys and focus groups to ascertain and respond to membership interests and needs
  • Deliver programming that addresses the needs of our various constituencies and distinguishes our regional association from other regionals and the national association
  • Leverage alliances and partnerships to expand and enhance professional development offerings to membership
  • Provide programming opportunities that leverages technology to broaden membership access geographically and budgetarily
  • Become known as the premier regional association in leadership development of human resource and career development professionals
  • Provide online career and human resource resources as well as web-casts of programming
  • Offer continuing education and certification programs solely as well as in tandem with other organizations



Definition: Valuable data, trends and news to keep members educated on the trends important to the field
We will:

  •     Be known as the top regional resource/authority for information (trends, data, articles, etc.) on the field
  •     Take advantage of the resources we have available currently and seek out additional resources, as necessary
  •     Provide members and public, in some cases, information to increase awareness of organization
  •     Be strategic about the information being shared in order to differentiate ourselves from others
  •     Ensure we are providing the most accurate/detailed data by putting specific measures in place
  •     Set metrics for success initially and measure program on a regular basis against those metrics



Definition: Relevant partnerships with other organizations with parallel missions and internally to bring more benefits to members
We will:

  • Identify synergies with other organizations that will benefit members
  • Develop a plan for collaboration with other organizations that supports and advances the mission and strategic plan of EACE
  • Provide greater opportunities internally partnerships amongst different membership categories
  • Be strategic about the our partners to be sure there is a true benefit



Definition: Formal and informal professional connections to capitalize on the strengths and the skills of members to embrace professionalism and collegiality throughout the organization
We will:

  • Plan strategic regional network opportunities
  • Provide strategic network opportunities for under represented regions
  • Capitalize on existing events to increase network opportunities
  • Strive to embrace new members by providing immediate (mentor) network opportunities
  • Reconnect and revive network with disenfranchised members
  • Use technology as a means of providing connections for members



Definition: Protocols and plans that identify and engage members in ways that encourage volunteerism and leadership development
We will:

  • Continue to include new and seasoned members in leadership opportunities within the organization
  • Focus on developing, recognizing and training of potential leaders
  • Be inclusive of membership in leadership positions
  • Strategic Value: Technology
  • Definition: A balance between “high tech” and “high touch” in the use of technology to support the other strategic values of EACE and to enhance communication and connectivity among members
  • We will:
  • Provide resources for members to communicate ideas and best practices of the profession
  • Explore means to leverage technology for basic support functions
  • Strive to create a more functional and appealing website
  • Establish metrics to measure the ongoing functionality and usability of the website



Definition: Connection with actively engaged and trained colleagues to help practitioners better perform their work and ensure a diverse and vibrant member base reflecting the demographics of our region
We will:

  • Provide tangible benefits and valued services by membership category to retain current members and recruit new ones
  • Make retention and recruitment ongoing initiatives
  • Focus on the recruitment of new members who are diverse by occupation and background
  • Encourage members to become actively engaged by acknowledging their participation
  • Encourage members to take leadership roles to develop leadership talent consistent with the goals that fall under the leadership strategic value
  • Focus on membership diversity
  • Increase and diversify employer membership
  • Provide searchable membership database
  • Encourage members to share their knowledge with other members by developing an expertise directory


Financial Management

Definition: Procedures and practices to continuously improve the day-to-day operations of the organization and to insure its success and future
We will:

  • Ensure operational effectiveness through sound financial leadership
  • Develop standards of fiscal prudence that will guide organizational activities and programs that seek to reduce cost, enhance revenue, and improve operational effectiveness
  • Seek strategies that improve and add to the organization’s long and short term investment strategy with a focus on increasing the ROI on investments
  • Produce a balanced budget annually
  • Look for ways to enhance revenues to fund strategic initiatives
  • To leverage our interaction with [Association Headquarters] to continuously improve daily operations and customer service benefiting all members








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