Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers


Other Associations

National Association

EACE is independent and autonomous from the national association.

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)

Canadian Association of Colleges and University Student Services (CACUSS)              

Regional Associations

EACE is one of four regional associations  which are independent and autonomous from each other. The four regional associations  work cooperatively and collaboratively through the Regional ACEs Presidents Council.  Those regional associations are:

Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers (MWACE)           
Mountain Pacific Association of  Colleges and Employers       

Southern Association of  Colleges and Employers (SoACE)                   

State Associations

Many states within the EACE region have “Associations of Colleges and Employers”. 

Below is a list of those associations.
New Jersey Association of  Colleges and Employers                

Pennsylvania Association of  Colleges and Employers          

Virginia Association of  Colleges and Employers                        



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