EACE 2018-2018 Board of Directors Elections

Director, Employer Member Services Candidate

Terri Morris
Talent Acquisition Manager

1. Describe your interest in serving on the EACE Board in this capacity.

I am honored to be nominated for the Director, Employer Services.  I have been a proud member of EACE  for over twenty-five years and have served on many conference committees but I am eager to take it to a different level and serve on the Board in this new role.    I know my previous leadership role in Sponsorship gave me the opportunity to work with other employer members to benefit EACE and also create strong strategic partnerships.  I believe EACE is class act organization and I would love to serve and lead our employer members.

2. What skills and experiences do you possess that have prepared you to be successful in this role?

As a Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise, I have acquired many transferable skills that could benefit my role as the Director of Employer Services.  I know how important it is to have the right people on your team and recruit and train the best! I also know it's imperative to embrace change and always look for ways to improve.   I think EACE can be a great opportunity for employer members to have access to more professional development and networking opportunities.  I bring enthusiasm and excitement to ultimately benefit EACE and it's members to continue to grow in the right direction.

3. What ideas and/or goals do you have for this position?

As a Director, I would bring new ideas for professional development for our employer and college members.  I would also help in the recruitment of new employer members to join EACE and help our organization grow.  Thank you in advance for considering me for this nomination.  It's a true honor.

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