Voting is Now Open for the Board Elections & Bylaws Amendment

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Voting is now closed.

2018-2019 Board of Directors Elections

As an EACE member, identifying and promoting leaders among us to serve on the EACE Board of Directors is our duty and responsibility. The future success of our organization is dependent on those who guide our association and make critical decisions on our behalf. Members are asked to vote on the following open board positions to be filled on July 1, 2018. Please click on the board positions to review role responsibilities and click on the candidates name to review qualifications and experience.


3-year term
Director, Professional Development
2-year term
Director, Technology & Information Management
2-year term
Director, Membership Recruitment & Retention
2-year term
Director, Employer Member Services
2-year term
Craig Single
Vertex, Inc.
Jennifer Grauso
St. John's University
Emily Miethner

Jeffrey Alston
The College at Brockport

Dawn Lazar-Fredella
Cenlar FSB

    Amy Smith
Hofstra University
Christine Cervelli
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Terri Morris

The member elected for each position will join these board members for the upcoming year (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019):

  • Noah Simon, President, University at Albany
  • Stacy McClelland, Past President, Enterprise
  • Junior Delgado, Director, Finance, Westfield State University
  • Zac Saeva, Director, Public Relations & Communications, Nazareth College of Rochester
  • Robin Tucker, Director, Leadership Development, Forester's Financial Services
  • Rachel Wobrak, Director, College Member Services, University of Maryland

If you have any questions regarding the 2018-2019 Board Of Directors elections, please contact Nominating Committee Chairman and Immediate Past President, Walter Tarver, III.

2018 Bylaws Voting

The EACE Board of Directors approved changes that affect our Bylaws. These changes are both in line with our Board goals, the EACE mission and our duty to streamline processes for our volunteers and administrative headquarters. Please review the proposed amendment below. Click here to view current EACE Bylaws.

Bylaws Amendment: Honorary Lifetime Membership Category
(Article 4: Sections 1, 5 & 6)


In an effort to enhance the benefits of Honorary Membership and provide guidelines to the application process.

New Language:

Section 1: Membership in this Association shall consist of College Members, Employer Members, Associate Members, Honorary Lifetime Members, and Student Members.

Section 5: Honorary Lifetime Member

A. This membership category is a means of recognizing and thanking individuals who were past EACE members and/or retired members, with 10 years or more of service to EACE. These individuals also must have made significant contributions to career services or human resources/college relations. These individuals must have held significant leadership roles within EACE. Consideration for what classifies as significant leadership roles, will be determined by the current Board. Honorary Lifetime Members who return to the profession must temporarily relinquish their honorary lifetime membership status and return to full dues-paying membership status to continue their membership in EACE.

B. Honorary Lifetime Members are exempt from the payment of membership dues. For the Annual Conference and professional development events, a 50% discount may be offered.

C: To obtain honorary lifetime membership, an individual must be nominated by an active member of EACE and be approved for this membership type with a majority Board vote.

D. Honorary Lifetime Members have the rights of full membership, with the exception of voting or serving in a leadership capacity. 

Section 6 has been removed.

Note, if you currently hold an Honorary or Retired Membership, you will be grandfathered in to the Honorary Lifetime Membership category.

If you have any questions regarding the proposed amendment, please contact Bylaws & Policy Manual Chairman and President-Elect, Noah Simon.

*** The deadline to submit your vote is Friday, March 16 at 3:00 PM EST ***